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(In case you didn't get it.) 5: Cleanliness habits (personal, workspace, etc.) for both Yue and Dawn.

Dawn is messy, though mostly out of laziness. She doesn’t like to clean up and put things in order because there are better things she would rather do than waste her time cleaning. She might ocasionally pick things up when they become a bother, otherwise she’ll leave the mess there forever. Luckily Yue has a diffrent view of things. He dislikes having a messy home, so usually he’ll clean up after Dawn or get her to do so herself. He might occasionally try to organize, but mostly when he has nothing better to do. He’s trying to get Dawn to be a little cleaner. It’s been working well so far but she still tends to forget to clean up after herself often.

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((Sketches random moments with Dawn and Tetris :3))

((Sketches random moments with Dawn and Tetris :3))

Hey, Yue! Who do you think is cuter, Dawn, Or Mable?~

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A Growlithe wearing a red vest with a black stripe on the back walked up to Dawn and sat down next to her. "Hey, there. I'm Alexis. You're Dawn, right? I've heard a lot about you. You wanna be friends?"



The little fox jumped up in surprise as the canine aproached her. He had caught her compleatly off guard. The fur on her back and tail bristled up, though it quickly leveled down as she looked back.

"Eh? You’ve heard of me?" She asked rather baffled as to how he knew of her. Suddenly it fell into place, or at least in her perspective. She struck a valiant pose and used a proud voice to fix that first reply.

"Wait, yes! Of course you have! I’m the great Dawn, leader of the exploration team Sol n Luna!" She stated, proudly puffing up her chest.


image"Ugh…I think I found the dungeon," Daniel groaned in pain, his voice also echoing.

image"You did?! Way to go, Danny!" Alexis cheered.

"Oooh, score!" The Fennekin cheered, poking her head out of the hole with an excited look plastered over her face. She quickly turned around before doing anything else, and began to search around the ground for something. Her tail poofed up as she found one. A nice looking, and pretty thick stick. "This one should do!" She picked it up and walked back towards the ground gap. She sat by the hole, placing the twig in between her paws, and spat an ember onto it’s tip. The twig was then latched in between her jaws again, and without warning she jumped right in. "TALLYHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Anise (Pidgey) to Dawn: “H-hello, uhm, excuse me. I'm a little bit lost. Can you help us? Someone said there was a store that sold food that was really tasty, and that it was nearby, but I’ve been looking and looking and I can’t see it. They said it sold really nice berry…uhm, berry cakes, and when I said that we’d never tried a ‘cakes’ before they said that cakes are the bestest thing ever, and I had to try one right now! But I /can’t/ because I can’t find the shop, and now I’m really hungry.



The fox stared at the bird with eyes that clearly expressed how baffled she felt. She stared at her with her head slightly tilted to the side through the Pidgey’s whole question untill she had finished. It took a few awkward seconds for her to realise the bird was waiting for an answer.

"Oh, uh… you were asking me? Um… I’m not from this place. I kinda live in the woods outside the city, so uh, yeah…"



“Oh. Yeah.” Anise scratched at the ground sadly. If Dawn didn’t feel the same way, maybe there was something wrong with the part of her that wanted to go back home. Maybe she was wrong to feel bad every time she did something fun in this new town. Maybe it was time to change that.


“Do you want to do something fun? There’s a river just over there,” she waved a wing in the direction she meant, “and I know where there’s some wood that floats and you can build stuff with it! Maybe we could build a raft and float down the river and play ‘King of the Nest’.” As she kept talking Anise got more and more excited, her gloomy mood of moments earlier mostly forgotten.

"Eh? King of the nest?" Dawn questioned, her ears slightly perking up in interest. She raised her head to look back at the Pidgey with curious eyes. "What’s that?"

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