The streets were pretty quiet today. Odd, considering that the sky was clear at midday. That didn't deter Tetris and Kievr from trekking to the market to find any sales on supplies they needed. "Wonder if we'll run into anyone we know," murmured the Riolu, scratching the back of his head. His partner shook out his fur briefly and made no reply. The pair turned a corner and Tetris immediately crashed into an gold-furred mon. "Oh, sorry!" he blurted out, backing up a few steps. "You okay?"





The vixen had been strolling carefully through the streets, seizing this perfect opportunity to practice her walk while paying the market a little visit. Lucky for her, the streets were not as crowded as usual. It appeared as if she would not have to worry about bumping in to too many people today.

When someone else bumped in to her she was caught completely off guard. She nearly lost her balance as it happened, letting out a little squeak out of the surprise she recieved. She was able to quickly recover afterwards as she held on to her staff, a long branch which she utilized as a cane. Her legs wobbled as she straightened herself, though all in all, she was fine.

Once she was sure she had her balance back, she turned around to face the cerulean hound. Her amber eyes curiously eyed him before she realized who it was.

"TETRIS!!!" The vixen gasped, lunging towards the Riolu for a hug. For a slight second she had forgoten how big she had grown, toppling the Riolu with her sudden action.

"Y-You’re… You’re alright! I-I thought those jerks took you away! I’m so glad they didn’t…" By then the vixen choked over her own words as she began to tear up, still smiling as she was overjoyed at the sight of the fighting type. Her long bushy tail waved along to the beat of her happiness as she wiped her tears.


The Riolu was just as confused as Dawn was. “I have no idea,” he muttered. He cautiously raised a paw in greeting and gave Xavier a small wave. “Hey, uh, Xavier. You okay?” The fox shook his head vigorously and shrunk even further behind his current shield.

"I must say I’ve never seen him behave this way," said Sir Garen, "at least not since I’ve begun as his mentor. Have you encountered each other before?"

Kievr nodded his head, almost sullenly. “Yes, we have met. Xavier was a large help in rescuing Tetris a week or two ago.” No doubt the memory of the rescue was burned into the fox’s mind. It was nice to see him in one piece, however. “How have you been since then, Xavier?”

The Zoroark swallowed the air he had before timidly replying, “I-I-I’ve been fine. J-Just keep him away from me…” He pointed to Tetris.

This shocked him. He had never met this fox and already the poor thing was terrified of him. What did he ever do? The Riolu looked at Kievr for an answer, but the only one he got from his friend was a turn away, as if the Quilava was hiding something.

Dawn shrugged after a while, deciding not to think about it any further. She was too anxious to begin looking at the displays, so she waved at the larger fox before walking off.


"Well, it was good seeing ya in one piece." She uttered with a slightly sheepish smile. A moment later she tugged on the Riolu’s arm, her tail waving anxiously as she could not wait any longer to get started.

"When are we gonna go look at stuff?" She asked, pouting her lips.

"Huh? Oh, right," said Tetris, having forgotten their purpose for being here. He looked over at Kievr and said, "We’ll just be around. If you need us, just holler." With a curt nod, the Riolu followed Dawn wherever she went.

Xavier visibly relaxed as Tetris left and sighed in relief. “I’m sorry,” he said, “but I don’t know if he’s still mad…”

Kievr shook his head. “That was only one incident. That has come to pass and will not happen again.” Hopefully.

Sir Garen fixed his monocle and said, “I would inquire into that matter, but I have something to show you, dear Kievr. Xavier, keep watch out here and make sure no one takes or breaks anything. I will be in the back.” The Breloom started to leave and Kievr trailed behind.

"Looks like I am on my own now…" The Sneasel muttered as everyone left. He near the building’s entrance, keeping a close eye over his partner and the Riolu who followed closely behind her.

"Oh! What’s this thing?!" Said the Braixen, pressing her paws and face against the glass as she tried to get a closer look of the items protected inside of the transparent case. Her tail waved around as she looked at everything with utmost fascination.

The Braixen trotted forward, humming as she played with the ocarina that dangled from her neck. She still depended on her staff to keep her balance, although it seemed that her confidence in walking on her hind legs was growing. A Sneasel followed closely from behind, his arms crossed as he eyed the vixen. She had not a care in the world right now. It was an almost relaxing sight for him until she tripped over something. He was able to catch her before she hit the ground and toppled over a Zorua





Zack wasn’t really much doing anything at the moment as he just wandered about, hearing from afar some humming he investigates, but unaware of where the source is coming from until he hears a yip and felt a sudden push on his side, “H-hey! Watch where you’re going!”


Zack tils his head, “Hey Dawn? What’s up? You look rather tense suddenly…”, he approaches the Braixen, keeping on ear low as the other was fixated on hearing her answer.

"No, no! I-I’m fine!" The Braixen exclaimed, shaking her paws nervously as the Zorua aproached her. She shuffled a foot a few inches back from him as he did.

Her partner glared at Zack as he came closer, having noticed the Braixen’s nervous behavior, he could only assume he had something to do with it. He now had even more of a reason to be wary of this specific stranger.

"Are you sure? Y-you… Uhg… Chael… Has he been scaring you lately…? I keep telling him to not do that…!", he turned away and growled to himself.

There was a voice from a distance, it was a bit squeaky as it grew louder, “…aaack! Zack! Where were you! I thought I told you to wait up!”, a Riolu with long slender aura sensors ran next to the shiny, “I thought you got lost or something!”, she notices the other two mons, “O-oh! H-hi…!”, she giggled nervously, “Was I…? Interrupting something?”

"Oh, no, no! Nothing!" The Braixen said, shaking her paws assuringly. She then took a better glance at the Riolu, keeping a sheepish, still unnerved, smile.

"Oh hey! You wouldn’t happen to be Zack’s partner, eh?" She questioned, her ears perking up in curiosity.

Mithora returned to Dawn's home of residence a few days after their fallout to apologize, hoping she hadn't made her mad or something. She knocked on the door and waited there with a few cakes in a bag to make her feel calm in case she was angry with her. Little did Mithora know that Dawn had evolved recently...





Dawn’s voice could be heard from the inside, aparently chattering with her partner before the Fennekin knocked on her door. She called out to whomever was at the door, letting them know she would be there to open it promptly. About short moment later the door began to creak as it was being opened. A rather larger vixen than what the Fennekin had likely expected peeked out of the opening, smiling as she realized who it was.

"Oh, hey Mithy!" She exclaimed, her ears perking up as she spoke.

"It’s really up to you what we start with." Mithora said. "This is your fighting style, not mine. If you’re going to become a good warrior then you’d have to learn your own fighting style."

Mithora had a few thoughts. One was that Dawn might not actually be that much of a warrior in the first place - the other was that she might not even want to BE a warrior, but in this world of warped dungeons and barbarian Pokemon it was just something she had to be. “Dawn, what kind of warrior do you want to be?”


"Eh?" The Braixen’s ears drooped as she gazed at the Fennekin with an uterly puzzled look. She shook her head and shrugged, not knowing how to reply. "I uh… Wh-What kinda warrior can I be…?"

"Sure!" Mithora exclaimed. "There’s all kinds of styles you can use for all kinds of situations. Most Delphoxes become battlemages, meaning they specalize in using magics to enhance their already-powerful abilities! Others act as support - they use their magics to aid their allies and defend from their foes so their friends can do all the heavy work more easily. I always wanted to become a battlemage, myself. My sister was more of a support class."

"M-Magic?" The Braixen suddenly stuttered. Her gaze strayed away from Mithora’s as soon as the word was mentioned.

"Uh, n-no magic here!" She said, smiling sheepishly as she looked back at the Fennekin. "Eheh, I don’t think I fit on either of those."

Violet: Dawn, it has been a while, you look so beautiful as a Braixen ^w^




"Eh?" The Braixen gazed over her shoulder to spot a tall bug looking Pokemon standing a few inches away from her. Her ears twitched as she tried guessing who this was, though to no avail. She gently turned around, keeping a tight grasp of her staff, even if she didn’t really need it as much as before to keep herself up.

"Uh, hey there…" She said, holding up a rather sheepish grin. Knowing not what else to say she decided it would be best to be blunt and ask for their identity, for try as she might, she just could not guess who this was.

"Do I… Do I, uh, know you?" She said, her grin becoming even more sheepish as her voice trailed off. She could not help but feel a bit embarrased for asking that. She felt like she should know who this was without asking.


"Oh, yeah! Everything’s great!… Everything’s great…" Dawn repeated, her tone diminishing as she spoke. Her gaze seemed to stray away for a quick moment before her ambers eyes looked back at Violet’s.

"Yeah, I can’t wait to get back to work. My legs are still kinda wobbly, but I can walk on my own now." The fox shook both legs individually. She was able to keep her balance, even without her staff to support her. Her legs were still a bit shaky, and it would be easy to knock the Braixen out of balance, but at least she could walk on her own. "This means I’ll be able to work on some missions without a problem!"

" Y-you’re not the only one having that problem. "She giggled, pointing to her legs as well, they’re a little wobbly. " M-my partner Pierre is helping me with this … legs. I’m not really used to it either. I hope you do great on your work, Dawn. "

"Yue’s been helping me out a lot too. We were taking walks together while we were both recovering." Said that fax, chuckling slightly as she thought about their walks.

(RP) A light was seeping through the forest's foliage as two mysterious mon's trotted through. A young Combusken seemed to have trouble keeping up with a Weavile who sported a quick stride several feet ahead. "Come on!" she panted. The Weavile seemed to ignore her with a grunt, quickening his pace even more. "Big Bro! Don't you dare leave me!" she shouted. He halted in his tracks to deliver a glare at her but he waited nonetheless as she eagerly caught up. "No idea how you do this everyday..."







Two voices could be heard from a distance from where the Weavile and Combusken where.

"Yue, I wanna play! Let’s play something!" The vixen yipped, waving her tail as she persistently waited for the Sneasel’s reply.

"Alright…" He sighed. After many attempts he finally cracked. The Braixen squeaked in excitement, jumping around in celebration.

"Well? What shall we play?" He inquired as the fox still rejoiced in her victory. She had failed to ever mention what kind of game she wanted to play.

"Oh, um… How about tag?" She shrugged, before quickly tapping on to the Sneasel’s shoulder. "TAG! YOU’RE IT!" She yelled, running off afterwards as quickly as her still rather wobbly Braixen legs could take her.

The Sneasel watched her run, arms crossed as he shook his head. No amount of evolution could make that fox any less of a kid at heart. He gave her a head start before retreating into the trees to chase after her.

The Weavile stiffened, ears twitching as he heard the voices other than their own. Great… He scowled as the Combusken panted for air, placing her claws on her knees in an effort to regain her breath. “We have to move again,” he said curtly, twirling on his heels to move again. It was embarrassing enough to have his young sibling accompany him but to be seen with her… And with her weird behavior. 

Her claw flashed out, gripping on the cloak he always traveled with. To her surprise, the fabric ripped into two when the Weavile impatiently stepped forward. She sheepishly held the fabric with a trembling claw giving a sheep grin when he slowly turned his expression a mixture of surprise and anger.

"You seriously shredded my cloak!?" he snapped. He gripped onto the other half, tossing it in her direction. It was worthless to him now. Unable to hide his ridiculous baby-like tail feathers and scars. "You’re paying for this…" he stated, jabbing a claw mere inches away from her. 

"Course I am, you dope! What kind of ‘mon would I be if I didn’t!?" She exclaimed, swatting his claw away. "What’s the big deal away? I think those tail feathers look cute anyway…," she muttered under her breath, noticing a tick in his jaw but he said nothing else. She sprang on her feet, strolling ahead of him. "I’ll go on ahead! You can complain about your silly cloak to someone else!" She ran into the bushes, her head low. 

The Weavile stared in the direction she had gone. Yes he was mad but he was more mad about her getting the final word. I’m not going to watch over her… Yeah I’m just making sure she keeps her bargain. He convinced himself as he silently followed after her in the shadows.

Stupid stupid… SUCH A BAK- “OOF!” The Combusken gasped as she bumped into something or rather someone yellowish and furry. A Braixen. She landed on the ground with a thud, rubbing her butt. “What did I hit… Oh my…! Sorry!” She babbled, rushing to see what she hit as the Weavile observed in the background; a mere silhouette. 

In the heat of the moment there was no way the fox could have spotted what was coming. She ran and ran, giggling as she ran away from the Sneasel. She suddenly crashed into a large feathery thing, her staff being knocked right out of her paws as she fell head first against the ground. She thudded loudly against the dry soil with a squeak escaping her maw.

It took her a few seconds to recover and realize what had just happened. She shakily sat back up and rubbed her face. She then looked down at her paws to check for blood as she felt a strong stinging sensation take over her face. There was a slight hue of red staining her orange pads. There was a small cut on the vixen’s chin, staining her pure white fur with a contrasting red.


"O-Oww…!" She whined as the cut began to sting even more. She pressed her paws against the cut the more it hurt.

The Combusken could see a Braixen pressing her paws to a specific area on her face. She began to fret as she stood some inches away from the fox, hanging her head with guilt. Can’t believe I was so clumsy! She quickly wiped away the guilt to stare directly at the vixen. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t see where I was going! A-And…” She did a quick facepalm to prevent herself from rambling on too much. “It’s just my bad okay. Just don’t cry. I just hate to see people see sad on my account. I’ll fix it!” She tentatively reached out to see if the vixen would accept her apology.

The Weavile rolled his eyes at her display. Overreacting much… He swore he heard a second mon. Yet the mon was nowhere in sight. His eyes narrowed into silts as he scanned the area. Nothing… He folded his arms, stepping out of his cover, tensed. If the prick was going to be bold and try to attack him… He flexed his claws slightly. He would be prepared to strike when necessary.


"D-Don’t touch me!" The vixen yelped, flinching away from the avian creature as its claws came closer towards her. She was too afraid of having her wound prodded by anyone she did not trust, and by the way the Combusken reached out to her it seemed as if she were going to do just that.

The foliage from the canopies above the two suddenly began to rustle as the scene unfolded. A mere seconds later something jumped right out and in between the two fire types. A Sneasel rose up in between them, glaring at the Combusken with his unmatched eyes. His fangs were bared as he growled at her.


"Stay away from her!" The Sneasel warned in a threatening tone. He possitioned himself ready to attack if need be, still glaring at the other fire type.

The Combusken immediately backed off, arms rose, startled by the Sneasel’s sudden appearance. What have I gotten myself into? ”Geez I’m sorry! I just thought I shoulda helped…” she murmured, rubbing the back of her neck as she continued to back up several feet. She was in no position to get attacked right now. But where wa- She froze when her back touched something. She craned her head slowly to see her companion focused intensely on the newcomer Sneasel. She didn’t approve of the vibrating tension coming off him and the foreign light in his eyes. Not good…

The Weavile drummed a claw lazily on his arm. “I told you. You’re too kind for your own good,” he uttered in a lethal tone. He was agitated with the Sneasel’s appearance. He clutched his arm when old memories threatened to appear. Dammit…  He yanked wayward Combusken behind him so she would be out of the way. 

That didn’t stop her from stepping around him to stand in the middle of them. She shook her head sternly at the Weavile. “Don’t you dare! You have to stay out of trouble! You promised HIM that!” She emphasized harshly earning a roll of the eyes and a snarl from the Weavile. She quickly whirled around, nodding her head with apology. “I’m sorry about before. I get a little touchy when I do something bad,” she explained with a sheepish grin. “But my name is Cherie. Hopefully we can put this behind us?” Hopefully to defuse the tension in air. 

The Sneasel’s posture would tense up even more as the Weavile approached him. He glared at this newcomer, growling with more intensity the closer he came towards them.

"Oh geez, oh geez!" The Braixen shuffled in the ground, scrambling to reach for her staff. She stood up as soon as she got a hold of it and bunked her partner on his side, causing him to flinch back in pain. She had hit him rather hard, and in a spot that was still sensitive from a recent wounding.

"What the fuck, Dawn?!" He growled, grabbing onto the pained area.

The fox had a worried expression at first, ears lowered in shame for having hit him in such away. She shook it off though as soon as she remembered why she had done it.

"You’re gonna get yourself into another fight if you keep that up!" She huffed, placing her staff down like a cane. She looked back at the Weavile, who seemed as angry as her own partner before she neutralized him.

"Please mister, calm down! My partner’s just a big grump. He won’t do anything as long as you don’t either." The fox pleaded. Her expression became a sheepish one as she would hope that the other dark type listened.

A low wail split what was otherwise a fairly silent night. The young sneasel had seemed to outgrow its night terrors but tonight seemed to be an exception. (Um, comforting Daddy Yue please?)

The Weavile immediately awoke to the noise as soon as it had begun. The fact that he was such a light sleeper never helped him in this kind of situation. His first reaction was to cover his ears, trying to keep out the noise and fall back to sleep. As it continued he tried shaking his mate awake, although to no avail. She was sleeping like a rock today.

A short while longer he finally stood up from his bed. He stomped along, grouching groggy incoherences as he sleepily made his way to the bawling child’s room. His ears folded back the closer he came towards the yelling.

"Keep it down!" He whispered with a scowl upon opening the door. His child quickly ceased his yelling to a sob as he noticed the Weavile’s complexion through the dimly lit corridor outside his door.

"D-Dad, I-I had another bad dream…" He whined, grabbing tightly onto his favorite toy. "Y-You were dead, and mom was g-gone too, and all of the city was d-destroyed, and the men that killed you were chasing after me too!" The child began to tear up even more as he spoke.

The Weavile’s complexion lightened up as the boy finished. He came closer towards him and sat by his side, preening the child’s head. “It was only a dream. A figment of your imagination. Nothing of that ever happened.” He said, his tone still rather groggy. “I am here right now, am I not? Your mother is sound asleep in her room, and the city is still intact. There is nothing to worry about.”

The boy looked up at his father, wiping away his tears. As the Weavile got back up from his bed he quickly reached for his arm, pulling him back.
“D-Dad… C-Can I sleep with you and m-momma?”

The Weavile turned his head back an inch to peak at his boy. He took a hold of the child’s claws and spoke. “You know you are not supposed to sleep with us. You are not a hatchling any more.” The Weavile uttered, letting go of the Sneasel’s paw as he made his way towards the door.

The boy kept staring at his father with pleading eyes as he begged him not to leave. Eventually the father paused, he stood by the door, contemplating the other side for a while before turning towards the boy. “I will stay and stand guard by your door. Would you rather I do that?”

The Sneasel quickly nodded, wiping away his tears once again before he settled back into his bed.

His father stood by the door, leaning near its edge as he waited for the young Sneasel to fall asleep. Once he was sure the boy was completely asleep, he crept out of the room and back into his own as he was itching to go back to sleep.

A small Sneasel sniveled as he had a bruised cheek, "Dad... I-I got into a fight... I didn't mean for it to happen... Th-the ice was just... And I couldn't stop it... I was beaten up by the others...", his face was torn as tear flowed down his cheeks, "I'm sorry dad..."

The Weavile turned around as his son spoke up. His eyes widened in shock the moment he noticed the young Sneasel’s bruised complexion. He immediately knelt down in front of him, grabbing his bruises.

"Who the he… Who did this to you?!" He growled, his fangs showing of as his muzzle contorted in anger. "I will personally make sure they never lay another finger on you ever again!"

(AnonKids) "F-Father?" A meek and tiny feminine (although male) Sneasel carefully opened the door and peeked inside to see a Weavile with his nose in a book, per usual. "M-Mother said dinner is ready. I-I-I just wanted to let you know..."

"Hm?" The Weavile uttered, lowering his legs from his desk. He could smell the warm scent of rice and eggs wafting through the room as a young Sneasel pushed his door open. He reached towards the nearest piece of paper and placed it in between the pages he was reading before he looked back at his son.

"Tell your mother I will be there in a minute." He said, closing his book tightly to place it away in the meanwhile. "Run along now. You would not want your own food to get cold."

A young Fennekin scampered on the ground, a bundle full of energy. The kit nuzzled the Braixen's leg, eyes shimmering with glee. "Hey Mommy! Are we gonna play soon!? Can we, Can we!?"

The Braixen’s leg jerked to the side as it was poked. Her ears perked up as she looked up from her sketchbook and then down at the young Fennekin.

"Oh, uh…" She muttered. She intended to dismiss the kit at first, although it’s pleading eyes were too much for her to resist. She chuckled and closed her sketchbook, placing it down by her side before she stood up.

"Sure! So, what’re ya up for?"she said, crossing her arms as she waited for the kit to reply. "How about a good old game of tag?"

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